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Empowering Students with Personalized Math Tutoring

At WNY Learning Lab, we understand that many students face challenges with math during their academic journey. You're not alone—our mission is to support you every step of the way. We offer free, personalized 1-on-1 math tutoring tailored to meet your specific needs and learning pace. Whether you need short-term assistance or ongoing support, our dedicated tutors are here to help you build confidence and achieve success in math.

Using a Computer in a Blind Alley

Our Tutors Help With

1st Grade Math:
  • Counting and number patterns

  • Understanding addition and subtraction

  • Introduction to patterns 

  • Probability: more, less and equal

4th Grade Math:
  • Using mixed operations

  • Variable expressions

  • Decimals

  • Acute angles, right angles and obtuse angles

7th Grade Math:
  • Multi-step problems with percents

  • Proportional relationships

  • Understanding integers

  • Linear functions

Algebra 1:
  • Matching quadratic functions and graphs

  • Solving linear equations

  • Polynomials

  • Factoring

2nd Grade Math:
  • Measurement and using a ruler

  • Two digit addition and subtraction

  • Counting and number patterns

  • Introduction to fractions

5th Grade Math:
  • Graph points on a coordinate plane

  • Evaluate numerical expressions

  • Add fractions with unlike denominators

3rd Grade Math:
  • Multiplication and division

  • Geometric shapes

  • Counting and number patterns

  • Understanding Fractions

6th Grade Math:
  • Graph inequalities on

  • number lines

  • Identify equivalent expressions

  • Understanding integers

8th Grade Math:
  • Pythagorean theorem

  • Scientific notation

  • Functions

  • Square roots and cube roots

Algebra 2:
  • Matching polynomials and graphs

  • Trigonometry: sine, cosine, tangent and ratios

  • Hyperbolas

  • Rational expressions

  • Prove similarity statements

  • Constructing perpendiculars line

  • SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS Theorems

  • Law of Cosines


The WNY Learning Lab Difference 

  • Personalized Approach: Tailored tutoring and mentoring programs designed to meet the unique needs of each student, with support extended until goals are achieved.

  • 1-on-1 Sessions: Individual tutoring sessions for personalized attention and effective learning, as research indicates private tutoring yields optimal results.

  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose between in-person sessions at convenient local locations or live online sessions in an interactive virtual classroom.

  • Consistent Tutoring Relationships: Students collaborate weekly with the same dedicated tutor, fostering continuity and impactful learning experiences.

  • Community Impact: Join a supportive community committed to empowering students across Western New York through comprehensive support and a nurturing learning environment.

How the application process works

Pairing a student with a dedicated tutor or mentor fosters strong partnerships and provides ongoing support until goals are accomplished, whether over a span of months or years.


Student Assessment: Tailoring WNY Learning Lab to Your Needs

Please provide us with additional details about your student so that we can assess whether WNY Learning Lab aligns with their needs and goals. Understanding more about your student will help us determine if our program is the best fit for their educational journey.


Expertly Matched: Find Your Ideal Tutor in Just 3 Days!

Find a tutor matched within 3 days, chosen for their expertise in your student's specific subject area. Our goal is to swiftly connect your student with a tutor who understands their academic needs and can provide effective support.


Structured Learning: Weekly Sessions with Your Dedicated Tutor

Arrange and coordinate regular meetings with your tutor on a weekly basis. Collaborate closely with them, ensuring the flexibility to meet either face-to-face or remotely from the convenience of your home.


Student Programs 

Explore our range of no-cost, personalized tutoring and mentoring programs designed to provide individualized support for students without financial barriers. Benefit from our tailored private tutoring services, where each student receives personalized attention and focused guidance to accelerate their academic progress.

Enroll in our specialized summer tutoring programs, offering one-on-one sessions to prevent learning loss and prepare students for the upcoming school year with targeted academic support.

Experience the powerful impact of near-peer tutoring, where students benefit from one-on-one guidance and support from mentors who have recently mastered the material themselves, enhancing learning outcomes through relatable role models.

Private One-on-One Tutoring

Summer Study Buddies 

Near-Peer Tutoring Model

Students taking a workshop in person at WNY Learning Lab

Transforming Education Together

We believe in empowering every learner with access to personalized education solutions tailored to their unique needs and goals.

Our tutors undergo rigorous training and certification processes to ensure they deliver the highest standards of educational support and guidance.

WNY Learning Lab has worked alongside over 4,000 students from 30 schools and universities in the WNY area. We foster a community-centered approach, leveraging our collective knowledge and experience to make a meaningful impact on educational outcomes.

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